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 Survival Mode Rules

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PostSubject: Survival Mode Rules   Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:33 pm

(This was created by Mario. I don't take any credit for this.)

Here are the rules and different game modes. In Survival Mode you go through a variety of floors fighting enemies and different bosses with rest points along the way which recover you Health and Skill Points to full when you reach one. Also there are the occasional Allies which when you reach one or defeat one they will help you through the floors until the end or until they have reached their goal. Also there are five different types of Survival Modes. There are level requirements for each mode showing the minimum level you must be before you can try it. Also you cannot do the harder modes until you do the easy ones for example, I couldn't play Normal Mode until I beat Easy Mode even though I meet the level requirement. Also, no Amigo's. This is by yourself except for the exception of allies who join and leave you in this mode.

Different Modes:
Easy (No requirement)
Normal (Level 4)
Hard (Level 8 )
Very Hard (Level 12)
Why God! (Level 16)

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Survival Mode Rules
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