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 Easy Mode Description

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PostSubject: Easy Mode Description   Sun Oct 19, 2008 5:36 pm

Here is the listings for the floors, enemies, bosses, and Allies, that you may encounter in your fight through the floors.
[Orange = Normal Floor, Light Blue = Rest Floor, Red = Boss, Dark Red = Main Boss, White = End Floor]

Possible Allies: [Common = Easy to encounter, Uncommon = Sometimes seen, Rare = Harder to find, Very Rare = Very Hard to see]
Toad [Common]
(Super Mario series)
Waddle Dee [Common]
(Kirby series)
Goombella [Uncommon]
(Paper Mario series)
Brown Kirby (Brownie) [Rare]
(Kirby Misadventure, and Star Chronicles, Fan-Fiction series)
HP: 50
Amy Rose [Rare]
(Sonic the Hedgehog series)
Sonic the Hedgehog [Very Rare]
(Sonic the Hedgehog series)

Easy Mode

Floor 1: Koopa, HP:10

Floor 2: 2 Waddle Dee's, HP:10 each

Floor 3: 3 Heartless, HP:5 each

Floor 4: Rest Floor

Floor 5: 2 Nobodies, HP:10 each

Floor 6: Koopa Troopa, HP:30, 2 Koopas, HP:10 each

Floor 7: 4 Goombas, HP:5 each

Floor 8: 3 Eggman Robots, HP:15 each

Floor 9: Rest Floor

Floor 10: 2 Eggbots, HP:20 each

Floor 11: Eggman, HP:50, 2 Eggbots HP:15 each

Floor 12: 3 Goomba's, HP:5 each

Floor 13: Rest Floor

Floor 14: 3 Koopas, HP:10 each

Floor 15: Bowser, HP:70

Floor 16: 3 Goomba's, HP:5 each

Floor 17: Done!

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Easy Mode Description
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