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PostSubject: kadaj   Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:13 am

Name: sephiroth

Name of Form: kadaj


What does it do: summon bahamut SIN (30 points)shortens sword to souba( a double bladed katana)

How much Skill Points: 20

Special Attacks: whirlwind (10 points), summon bahamut (30 points)

History:is 16 years old, and the medium-haired cruel and vengeful young Remnant
leader. He fights with a double-bladed katana called "Souba" and has
materia embedded in his arm, with which he summons the bahamat.
Kadaj serves as Sephiroth's avatar when he acquires and absorbs
Jenova's cells into his body. He is the first to die although he is the
leader and appears to be the strongest Remnant.
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