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 Wildfire Tails

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PostSubject: Wildfire Tails   Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:59 pm

Name: Tails

Name of Form: Wildfire Tails


What does it do: Tails' punch does 25 damage instead of 10, Special Attack: Firery Slam. Tails flies up high and slams down on the enemy, covered in flames. 50 damage, 70 skill points. Fire ball. Tails conjures up a Fire ball and throws it at his opponent. 25 damage 25 skill points. All Fire and ice damage does half, and all water damage does double.

How much Skill Points: 35 per turn

History: One day, Tails was flying across a volcano, trying to defeat Robotnic (Eggman) He flew up to Robotnic and tried slamming into the robot he was in, Tails missed him and then thought of harnessing his chaos emerald's power into an attack, it worked, but instead of shooting his attack, it shot the chaos emerald into the volcano, Tails destroyed robotnic's robot and used his tank to retrieve his emerald, he noticed it was glowing red (It is usually purple) so he picked it up, expecting it to be hot, the result was the emerald glowing bright. tails Was then engulfed in flames and emerged with his eyes glowing hypnoticalso control if the chaos emerald turns into a wildfire emerald or a chaos emerald. red and the power to control flames, he has harnessed this power and can now use it in battle. he can

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PostSubject: Re: Wildfire Tails   Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:25 pm

If your punchs do 25 damage in the form than you need it to cost 35SP per turn.

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Wildfire Tails
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