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 Order Sol

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Sol Badguy

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PostSubject: Order Sol   Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:32 pm

(Hope I balanced everything out... Still getting used to the damage limits and what have you. Tell me if anything needs fixing Very Happy)

Name: Sol Badguy

Name of Form: Order Sol


What does it do: Basically, it transforms Sol into a previous incarnation of himself, this one just so happening to be the one from when he was a member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, prior to obtaining the Fuuenken (Hence the less... practical-looking weapon). Besides the obvious costume and weapon change, this form also boosts the damage of Sol's standard attack and skills by ten points, seeing as he used to cut loose ALOT more before leaving the Order.

How much Skill Points: 15 per turn

Special Attacks:

History: Before Sol became a bounty hunter and stole the Fuuenken (Although it is his by divine right, seeing as how he made the thing.), he was a member of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, an organization that Ky formerly belonged to. The Order was led by Kliff Undersn, mentor of Ky Kiske, and the little boy Sol saved years back. Sol and the rest of the Order fought bravely during the bulk of the Crusades, managing to push back Gear forces more than once. Sol also clashed with Justice a couple of times, but the battles usually ended in stalemates, not unlike Kliff's many clashes with the Genocide Gear.

Before the tournament in which he ended Justice's existance, Sol became disenchanted with the Order's restrictions, and left, taking the Fuuenken with him. And the rest is history.

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PostSubject: Re: Order Sol   Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:37 pm

Hmm.... 15 SP seems like a little less but 20 SP per turn seems like to much... I'll let it be 15 SP per turn. Approved.

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Order Sol
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