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 New Guilds Rules/Bonus'

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PostSubject: New Guilds Rules/Bonus'   New Guilds Rules/Bonus' Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 11:25 am

First off, guilds can now announce "Guild Topics" this means guilds can now go on adventures or 'story' missions. (You can create a story for your guild and act it out.) The leader if they wish is the one who will be issuing these topics and missions. Also you can now engage in battle with other guilds. Thats a head-to-head all out brawl between two or more guilds.

Now off to the rules.... First off there is only four guilds. No more, no less. It's not required to join a guild but it is recommended if you're new and want a helping hand, or if your just looking for excitement. (Try and choose a guild that suits you.) Guild leaders can now have an Amigo in they're guilds with them. Only one amigo, and you can issue them a special rank if you want. Besides that no amigos allowed in guilds or guild topics. Also if you are not in the guild you may not participate in their guild topics. I suppose you can if you are invited into the topic by the guild leader. But there are very few exceptions. Post in this category (Guild sign-ups) to post your guild application. Please specify in the title of your application what guild your applying for. The guild leaders will post they're applications in this category ASAP. So once thats done. The guilds will be up and ready. Very Happy

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New Guilds Rules/Bonus'
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