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 Zombie Busters' CURRENT Special Ranks

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PostSubject: Zombie Busters' CURRENT Special Ranks   Zombie Busters' CURRENT Special Ranks Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 8:02 pm

The Special Ranks automatically get weapons fit for their rank. I will explain what each weapon does after the list of current special ranks. (Please note that some of the items in the list are NOT part of the actual Dead Rising, I will mark the ones that aren't really part of Dead Rising with a *) And there can be more than one of everything except the Leader, Medic, and Gatherer (Maximum of 2 for now)

Leader -
Frank West
Medic - Isabela Keyes (Amigo)
Gatherer - Ike (Brings medicine and such back to Isabela)
Gunner - ??? (Free access to all of the guns at "The Huntin' Shack")
Auto-Handler - ??? (Free access to any mode of transportation you can find)
Blunt Beater - ??? (Free access to any non-bladed melee weapons you can find)
Chopper - Karin König (Free access to any bladed melee weapons you can find)
Improviser - ??? (Free access to any everyday items you can find)
Brute Basher - ??? (Free access to any heavy-lifting required items you can find)

Gardener - Cynder the Dragon (Free access to any yard working items you can find)
Athlete - ??? (Free access to any sports related items you can find)
Goober - ??? (Free access to any silly/goofy items you can find)
Musician - ??? (Free access to any music related items you can find)
Gamer Geek - ??? (Free access to any electronic items you can find)

The reason each rank is limited to what they can use (Blunt Beater's cannot use the say weapons as Brute Basher's) is because there will be some missions we go on where we will not be able to get everything (but some two ranks can use the same weapons, Musicians, Blunt Bashers, Gamer Geeks, and Improvisers can all use guitars) ,and this way, it'll make people work together and split up into teams (It would be smart to send a Chopper with one team, and a Blunt Beater with the other). This way, all teams will have a good chance of surviving. Now here are the items each class can use (in order from least powerful to most powerful). (Also, all ranks can, obviously, use their fists too, but honestly, if we are doing missions, please no outside weapons or abilities, Mario's Hammer, Ike's Sword, Sonic's Spindash, etc. You must understand, this is just for the sake of realism in Dead Rising. If you make a realistic weapon like Amew's CQC Knife, you can keep it. No offense Mario, but the giant hammer ain't realistic lol). (If you become a special rank, I'll make the damage for it and post it in your sign up, but it would take up too much space to do it here)

Leader - Anything
Medic - Anything
Gatherer - Anything
Gunner - Handgun, SMG (Sub-Machine Gun), Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle, Convicts' Turret Car (An auto-handler can drive the car), Shotgun
Auto-Handler - Roller Skates*, Skateboard, Motorcycle, Civilian's Car, Sports Car, Delivery Van, Convicts' Turret Car (A gunner can use the turret)
Blunt Beater - 2x4, Golf Club, Baseball Bat, Lead Pipe, Guitar, Sledge Hammer
Chopper - Hunting Knife, Cleaver, Katana, Sword, Machette, Chainsaw
Improviser - Dishes, Frying Pan, Chairs, Guitar Amps*, Guitar,
Brute Basher - Bench, Dumbells, Cement Garbage Cans, TV, Sledge Hammer
Gardener - Shovel, Hedge Clippers, Lawn Mower, Land Drill, Chainsaw
Athlete - Tennis Racket, Golf Club, Bowling Ball, Baseball Bat
Goober - Water Gun, Toy Sword, Toy Wand, Toy Mega Buster, Stuffed Bear
Musician - CDs, Drum Sticks*, Microphone Stand*, Guitar Amps*, Guitar

Gamer Geek - CDs, Microphone Stand*, Guitar Amps*, Guitar, TV, Computers*
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Zombie Busters' CURRENT Special Ranks
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