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 Puffball United/Template

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PostSubject: Puffball United/Template   Puffball United/Template Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 10:18 pm

This is the Guild, Puffballs United! We are a group of underground peace keepers. We are neutral, being good nor evil. Our headquarters is in Dreamland. We have certain places that only guild members can post in. There will be jobs and topics posted for members to partake in. If you would like to join, make a new topic saying so. Here is the template:



Reason for wanting to join:

What you'd do as a member:

Do you like Kirby:



If you are a member of Puffballs United, then you can use these abilities in any fight!

Kirby Flight- Fly in the air like Kirby for two turns. You dodge all of your opponments attacks for the time you are in the air. Costs 50 SP.
Kirby Copy- If you are in a battle and Kirby is on your side and he turns into one of his forms (fire, sword, etc.) you may use the attacks of that form for however long he is in the form. Will transfer over when form is changed. Costs 10 SP. Then however much the attack costs.
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Puffball United/Template
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