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 Guild Rank Pictures

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PostSubject: Guild Rank Pictures   Guild Rank Pictures Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2009 10:21 pm

These are the Special Ranks of Puffballs United!

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-10

Leader Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-1

Deputy Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-2

Comabat Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-3

Infiltration Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-4

Reconosince Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-5

Arms Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-6

Intelligence Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-7

Vehicle/Ambassador Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-8

Matance Guy

Guild Rank Pictures KirbyFortress1680-9

P.S. i did not actually draw this, i only added the name....its awesome though!! Right!?
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Guild Rank Pictures
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