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 Mushroom Defenders Sign-up Template/Special Rank Template

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PostSubject: Mushroom Defenders Sign-up Template/Special Rank Template   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:06 pm

Here is the Template to sign up for the Mushroom Defenders:


Name: (What is your name)

Reason For Joining: (Why do you want to join)

Experience: (What experience do you have with fighting enemies)

Abilities: (What can your character do skill wise)

Problems: (Does you character need help or support in a specific type of fight and/or situation)

During An Invasion: (If Bowser invaded Peach's Castle and/or the Mushroom Kingdom, what would you do)

Profile: (Please add a link to your character profile here)

Here is the Template for Special Rank Sign-ups:


Name: (What is your name)

Rank: (What Special Rank do you want)

Reason: (Why do you want a Special Rank)

Expectations: (What would you be able to provide for the Guild if you become this rank)

Chances: (Do you think you will get this rank)

Additions: (Anything you want to put here Smile)

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Mushroom Defenders Sign-up Template/Special Rank Template
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