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 The Misadventures of the Super Smash Bros.

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PostSubject: The Misadventures of the Super Smash Bros.   Fri Apr 10, 2009 4:47 pm

Episode 1: The adventure sort fo begins

Well, before starting, I have to warn you that what you're about to read may be the most random peice of literature you've ever viewed! Some parts in this story may be sooo random that you probably may lose track of things very quickly. Okay, well, I warned you...

It all started when Mario suggested the idea to go on a picnic. Why he asked that? We have no idea.
Anyways, Kirby decided to reply to the idea previously proposed.
"Um, why not? There's nothing else to do around here. I mean, beating eachother up really gets boring sometimes." Everyone gathered nodded in agreement.
"True, true. I agree with the round, pink creature. Mario, let's go on a picnic!" Link said. Mario, pleased with their decision, packed up a few baskets and lead them all to...uh, he led them all to...a hill! Yes! That's where he took them! To a hill!
As they climbed up the treacherous plain, they all gasped in exhaustion.
"Okay, what's up with the hill?" Luigi asked. Mario, worn out, stopped and looked at Luigi.
"Got a problem with the hill, brother?" Luigi stood up in a fighting stance.
"Yeah, what if I do, brother?" he sneered, putting his fists up. Mario then leapt foward and struck at Luigi with a powerfull karate chop! Luigi, with his great agility, moved out of the way therefore causing Mario to tumble down the hill. Link, observing what Luigi ahd done, stared at Luigi, fury on his face.
"Hey, plumber boy! Pick on someone your own color!" Link drew his sword. Luigi looked at him as if he were crazy.
"Huh! You think you stand up against me?" Luigi stood, ready to fight again. Link charged at him with a loud war cry. Others then followed. Kirby, Peach, Donkey Kong, Wario and many others attacked all at once at the outnumbered, outbrothered plumber.
What seemed to have been a nice little picnic to teh top of hill turned out to be a brawl! If you're on the edge of your seat, wanting more, you'll just have to wait till the next episode!

Author's notes:

After Mario had tumbled down the hill, he was going at such a high speed he flipped over a rock, knocked into a tree trunk, split the trunk, the tree went rolling down the rest of the way, fell into an ocean, hit a resting Godzilla at the bottom, woke him thus causing Godzilla to go on a rampage, and Tokyo was destroyed that day. I know, crazy, huh???

~Thank you for reading. Luigimaestro1
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PostSubject: Re: The Misadventures of the Super Smash Bros.   Fri May 29, 2009 10:32 am

Very Happy That was VERY random. AWESOME!!!! 100000000000000000/10
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The Misadventures of the Super Smash Bros.
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