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 Yumil,the weilder of the book of prophecy(Avalon code)

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Haru Glory

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PostSubject: Yumil,the weilder of the book of prophecy(Avalon code)   Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:05 pm

Name:Haru Glory

Name of Amigo:Yumil
Appearence of Amigo:Brown hair,green unzipped coat,red shirt,blue shorts.

Personality:Quiet,Takes any challenge head on.

Age:11 or 12 years old

Game:Avalon code

Standard Attack:basic slash.

1st Skill, Ablility, and/or Weapon:Code scan,no attack 5 sp(leaves Yumil vulnerable)

2nd Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:Code edit,(Changes something.e.g.marios in fire form so Yumil edits code to change element like ice,dark or electric(no made forms though.note:code scan first!)15 sp

3rd Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:Rempo.Uses powerful fire attack,burns.20 damage 3 damage 5 turns from burn 45 sp

4th Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:Neaki.Uses ice attack that freezes 2 turns,20 damage,40 sp

5th Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:Ur.uses electric attack that paralyzes 3 turns 15 damage 35 sp

History with your Amigo:Yumil was chosen to Create a new world with the book of prophecy,he had to Code scan things he thought was worthy for the new world,one of the people he code scanned was Haru(Haru isnt in avalon code though)They quickly became friends.When the new world was created they started defeating monsters as a team.
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Head Mod
Head Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Yumil,the weilder of the book of prophecy(Avalon code)   Fri May 01, 2009 6:16 pm

What does Code Scan do?

~Head Moderator~
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Yumil,the weilder of the book of prophecy(Avalon code)
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