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PostSubject: Zero   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:24 am

Name: Zero

Gender: Male

Race: Reploid, Maverick Hunter Rank S

Age: Appearance of 19-22

Good or Evil: Neutral

Game: Megaman X3-8



General Description:
A cybernetic warrior, built to perfection in appearance and efficiency. This crimson Hunter is feared by pure appearance. The large accented leg, arm, and torso pieces draw away from the rest of his black suited body. His face, determination and sincerety etched into his eyes, is something of admiration from friends and foes alike. His the flowing golden hair from his hemlet leaves but a star-steaked blur as he passes by in the heat of battle.


General Description:
A pale firm facial expression encased in a stunning crimson helmet. His deep greeen eyes stare right through his enemies and lay softly on those of friends.


A brilliant metallic casing his stern face. Its crimson wings and white mantle adorned with a glowin blue energy gem give it a stunning look.
The torse of this Hunter could be said to look like the face of a dragon of myth. Its green eyes(orbs) and mouth(vent) with its snout add a unique design to the armor. The back portion of this piece is the cradle for his favored Z Saber weapon. His shoulders are distinct and recognizable, bearing his emblem.
The arms of this Rank S hunter are the power house of his Z buster. His hands are also fortified with gauntlets that can be used offensively and defensively.
His leg armorments are the housing of powerful boots and the source of his quick movement. The red mechanical boots are the final part of his ensemble.


Z Saber::
This weapon is what defines Zero as a capable warrior, being the only
Maverick Hunter to wield such a weapon. This powerful beam saber can slice through just about anything.
Z Buster:
Similar to his close friend X's X-buster, the Z buster has additional power and can charge one level higher than the X-buster.

Strengths: Speed, Determination, Agility, Dexterity

Weaknesses: Overbearing sense of needing to fight for who he believes in that needs to be fulfilled. (Referring to the numerous times he has idiotically committed suicide to save X)

Homeland: Reploid City

History: Zero is a Rank S Maverick Hunter. He regarded the most among his peers and enemies. Over the years, Zero has worked closely with his friend and fellow Hunter, X. Zero's previous task was not only to protect the populace from dangerous rouge Reploids called Mavericks, but also to ensure X's survival.

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PostSubject: Re: Zero   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:01 pm

Approved. Welcome to VideoGameMaddness.

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