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 Fawful 2nd amigo

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PostSubject: Fawful 2nd amigo   Fawful 2nd amigo Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 5:28 pm


Name of Amigo:Cakleta

Appearence of Amigo:Mario and Luigi RPG 1.Has a purple cape, snowman look arms,purple and yellow striped,tringle ears and green face.(like Fawful)

Personality:Evil,rude(some times)


Game:Mario and Luigi RPG 1

Standard Attack:lightning(10 damage)

1st Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:lightningball(20 SP)Hits the enmey with a ball of lightning.(20 damage)

2md Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:lightning gun(20 SP)Shoots a lightning bolt.(20 damage)

3rd Skill, Ability, and/or Weapon:bats(20 SP)Makes bats fly at the enemy.(20 damage)

History with your Amigo: Cakleta is the one teaching Fawful for years.Fawful and Cakleta have been sidekicks for years.Cakleta gave Fawful that vaccum he has on his head at all times.They have grown stronger over the years and begain to be in more fights togeter.(More then 20 years,more then 1,100 battles.)
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Fawful 2nd amigo
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