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 Mimi, Dimentio's second amigo

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Count Bleck
Count Bleck

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PostSubject: Mimi, Dimentio's second amigo   Mimi, Dimentio's second amigo Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2009 6:38 pm

Name: Dimentio

Name of Amigo: Mimi

Appearence of" style="width: 63px;height: 78px" border="0" alt="" />

Personality: Bossy, Mean, Deceiving

Age: 18

Game: Super Paper Mario

Standard Attack: Rupee Throw

1st Skill, : Spider Mimi (20 Sp) She turns into a giant spider and her attacks do an extra 5 damage

2nd Skill: Slaves (30 SP) 20 Damage. Summons Slaves to takle the enemy

3rd Skill: Mimic (30 SP) Becomes the enemy and gets the enemies strengths and weaknesses

History with your Amigo: On the first day Dimentio became a minion of Count Bleck, another person signed up. Her name was Mimi. After that, Dimentio discovered that Mimi could transform into any person she wants, so the two of them teamed up. Dimentions and Tramsforms, what a pair!!!
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Mimi, Dimentio's second amigo
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