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 Battle for...Shoes

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PostSubject: Battle for...Shoes   Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:44 pm


Suddenly the mall is quiet as a giant explosion is heard as a girl with brown hair comes backfliping out as she fires her gun at another as suddenly a girl in a black outfit comes out and punches the bullets as she jumps up and comes down punching the ground, suddenly the browned her girl (Yuna) starts firing her gun some more as suddenly she jumps up and starts kicking at the girl in black leather(Tifa) and suddenly a pink hedgehog comes out of nowhere and swiings her hammer hitting Yuna as she then swings at Tifa but tifa punches it blocking it as suddenly a pink haired girl comes down punching the ground causing a small tremor as everybody is launched int eh air as suddenly yuna changes her outfit to a dress and summons a giant bird that fires a giant beam at the other girls that sends explosions as suddenly a blue haired girl slices at her as yuna backs up she changes clothes suddenly again and gains a sword that sends out water. They both slicing at each other as suddenly yuna then knocks the other girls sword out of her hand as she prepares to finish her another brown haired girl comes and kckes her in the head as she then fires a blue fireball like attack at her as suddenly she grabes her by the head and throws her off at a wall as suddenly a lady in a pink dress appears behind the browned hair girl and hits her in the head with a pan knocking her out as she approaches yuna she then pulls out a radish and throws it at her causing a giant explosion killing everyone in the mall.
The End Smile
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Battle for...Shoes
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