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 Mewtwo Form #1

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PostSubject: Mewtwo Form #1   Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:27 pm

Name: Mewtwo
Name of Form: Body Armor

What does it do: Reduces damage received by half. Damage given gradually increases by 5 each turn. Can attack even when a status effect is given. Endure effect is also given (If an attack will cause it to faint, change the HP to 1), but only works once per transform. Push now deals 15 dmg.

How much Skill Points: 15 sp per turn. First turn 5 sp.

Special Attacks:
Psyshock: Roll a dice, if even number, the enemy doesn't attack next turn, and this attack's effect is negated for next turn. Dmg = 30. Sp = 15
Facade: If the user is in any status effect, double the damage in this attack. Dmg = 20, Sp = 5
Pressure: The next SP attack the target uses will have its SP drain doubled (Ex. A 5 sp attack will now have to be a 10 sp). Dmg = 5, Sp = 10
Psychic Shockwave: An upgraded version of his first skill attack, this sends waves all around him and you don't roll a dice. Dmg = 20 X/2 Y, where X = the past SP attack used by one opponent and Y = extra SP used. Every other opponent gets pushed away and receive 15 Y. Sp = 30

This armor appeared twice in the anime, The first instance was when Giovanni used it to battle Gary's Arcanine and Nidoking. The second time was when Mewtwo totaled Giovanni's headquarters and flew off. This armor is used to increase Mewtwo's capabilities greatly, though it makes Mewtwo's thinking more computerized and makes him think he is one of the strongest, thus he doesn't care what the opponent does.

(Sorry for the his and its (male gender), I just can't explain right with it for now, I have to get used to it)
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Mewtwo Form #1
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