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 K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix

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Marcus Nagi

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PostSubject: K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix   Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:36 pm

Name: K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix

Nickname: Ace Of Virus

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Picture Midnight Wesker as a dark skinned man with read and black dreads

-Physical Build: at six foot, he is average height with a definite sculpted musculature. With broad shoulders and tight posture he exudes confidence and regality. Thick, but not overly so, he has a well chiseled chin, and a rather averagely handsome face. Often staunch and emotionless his expressions are minute if at all apparent. Dark sunglasses hide his eyes most of the time and his white blond hair is slicked back constantly.
-Clothing: Most often in black, K tends to wear a black vest, most likely with some defense against bullets or melee attacks in mind, a long Red trench coat, black pants tucked into black/Red combat boots and gloves. His dark two-way sunglasses are always on, and when they are off, it's never a good sign.

Strengths: High Intelligence, Super Human senses and abilities, a good manipulator and strategist
-Physical Strengths: In brute strength K is beyond human, able to lift nearly anything due to his mutation. He also has amazing senses, but is limited in sight to an average human (maybe it's the sunglasses). K is also superhumanely fast and agile.
-Intellectual Strengths: Able to hide his emotions very well and is a brilliant planner, able to go behind a number of backs without being suspected.
-Behavioral Strengths: His lack of emotion, but amazing strength and apparent resilience make him a great leader, getting most to follow him even if they know he will most likely betray them in the end. His calm demeanor make people trust him and want to follow.

Weaknesess: Since he is infected with the The Virus Version K is if he pushes his powers past their limit he'll be knocked unconscious but still fighting by pure instinct and skill alone. but not very strong in that form. And to his love towards characters.

Personality: K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix is a very cold person, and he rarely displays any emotions ohter than anger. part of his cold demeanor stems from the loss of his friend and family at Racoon City a strained parental relationship during his childhood and adolescent years, but still have a good heart to the ones he care about.

Good or Evil: Good

Homeland: Racoon City

Race: Human \ Virus

Region: Resident Evil

Game: Resident Evil Version F.E.A.R.

Weapons: Ace Of Hearts & Ace Of Spades

Story: Grave Toretto Fenix is a young person who lost his memories when the Umbrella syndicate captured him and inserted The Virus Version K suppose to be the best powerful Tyrant assassin Umbrella will ever have. Dr. William Birkin is the one who told Umbrella about S.T.A.R.S. Agent Grave Toretto Fenix and where to find him, Dr. William Birkin wanted Grave Toretto Fenix because he is a totally professional soldier, Grave Toretto Fenix is generally gruff and aggressive and he is a natural leader, and Grave Toretto Fenix is found out to be a surviver of S.T.A.R.S. from Racoon City.

Umbrella took Grave Toretto Fenix and tested on him in their underground labortory with the other massive chamber with thousands of capsules containing human test subjects, Grave Toretto Fenix and five other people was put in a cryognic sleep for fivve years and was tested with Virus Version K. five years later Before Dr. William die he notice Grave Toretto Fenix Body & blood bonded with the Version K Virus on a high celluar level by seeing this, he new that he will have something that they was trying to achieve for years and Wesker will be no match for him, So Dr. William Birkin put Grave Toretto Fenix in the cryogenic sleep for five more years.

10 years later after Wesker joined Tri cell they had found Grave Toretto Fenix in the underground laboratory with other massive chamber with the other thousands of capsule containing human test subjects, Wesker found Grave Toretto Fenix and notice the Grave Toretto Fenix body and blood bonded with the virus on a high cellular level, and thought about taking Grave Toretto Fenix under his wing.

As Grave Toretto Fenix was release from his cryogenic sleep, as his eye's open he notice some dog tags hanging above him the nmae that was on them was K Fenix The Ace Of Virus, K figure that since he dose not have none of him memories he will start off fresh with this name.
As he put on the tags Wesker sent in 20 of Tri cell armed forces to approach and test K skills and abilitities. As K got out he notice the men surround him with guns, be for he can say a word the men all started shooting at K.

Wesker wtach on and saw that K abilitites was so similar to his own abilitities, just as Wesker order for his death, Wesker and K lock eye's then Wesker knew who K was from the anger and rage in his eye's, wesker watch as K went thru the whole Tri cell armed forces with an aggressive rampage killing every soldier in sight, as Fenix stood still in a room of blood he slowly turned his head to find that Wesket was standing in the doorway.

As the two lock eyes again the two rush each other without either of them thinking of what would happen next. As their attacks collide with each other to show who's stronger than who, but to also see that they had almost the same strength. Wesker was getting more angrier by the minute soon wesker thought about using the brainwashed Jill to attack K, K looked back an noticed a hidden locker in the chamber were he was asleep at. He flipped backwards and opened it and noticed two guns. The Ace of Spades and The Ace of Hearts. K picked up the guns and aimed them at Jill & Wesker, but in that second K was shocked by Jills appearance and how she looked and how she was now trying to fight back against Wesker.

K realized that this was just the distraction that was needed and ran and jumped into the fray but as K was aiming for Wesker Jill stopped his attacked and started an all out assault on K until K was sent flying out the window by a chain of kicks and gun fire Jill gave. He fell into a parking garage and landed on a Tri Cell van moments later after the fall K woke up dazed looking around trying to find an escape route. He noticed a 69 Dodge Charger he used to have and as he walked up to it lookin for the keys he flipped down the sun visor and as the keys fell down a note fell beside him and as he read the note he realised the car and the keys and the note were all meant for him. It was his old car newwely modified. Without further delay he started the car up and headed for Raccoon City his original town. While driving he thought back to when Jill kicked and shoy him out the window realizing that she did that tryin to protect and save him.

Goal/Mission: To help Jill and the B.A.S.A. To get rid of the virus forever and to find a place where he can helpful to everyone.
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Mega Man

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PostSubject: Re: K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix   Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:08 pm

Wow, very long, but interesting history. Approved!
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K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix
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