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 Fan Fiction by: Revantes

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PostSubject: Fan Fiction by: Revantes   Fan Fiction by: Revantes Icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 2:26 pm

It's only 5 chapters but I just want to see your reaction to a couple of them.

Chapter 1: Memory Loss

Deep, deep within the Marsh Country lies an unknown cave where a warrior has lost his memory. On the brink of destruction, there was a war about to begin. In the middle was a young warrior by the name of Osamu. He was being restrained. By whom and for what reason remained a mystery to him. He looked up; his sight a little blurred from being in the dark for so long and heard two guards talking. One said “I can’t believe that this kid is the one we been looking for.” The other said “well this is the one that he said he wanted something about an experiment.” Then there was a loud noise. The guards quickly ran to see what is was.

Osamu tried to escape in the guards absents but could not. He felt weak every time he tried to escape. Just then a bird flew in and started to pull and tug at the chains and broke its beak once the chains broke. Osamu felt bad for the little bird and took it with him as he escaped. Once outside he saw bodies everywhere and there wasn’t anyone around for miles. He looked around and saw a figure standing in the distance. All Osamu could make out was the figure dark red eyes. His eyes looked as if they were staring right through him. Osamu felt as if he couldn’t even move. He was stuck in a Trans. He managed to grab a knife and stab himself in the leg and broke free. Osamu saw a sword jammed in the spinal cord of one of the dead warriors. Osamu managed to pull it out of the warrior’s spinal cord. He thought to himself and suddenly, in an instant flash of his past appeared in front of him. All Osamu could make out from his vision was dark red eyes similar to the unknown killer. Osamu pointed at the dark figure and said with confidence “I don’t know you but you will die by me. Your reason for being here is irrelevant. Tell me your name. I wish to know the name of the people I kill.”

The figure laughed and said with a cocky attitude “I go by many names but you may call me Akihiro.” As he spoke his name he stepped out of the darkness and reveled himself. He was a tall dark skinned male about 6 feet even. Osamu charged and attempted an attack. Akihiro easily avoided the attacks. “What have I done to you? Why fight me I didn’t bring you here. All I’m doing is following orders.” “Orders?” Osamu asked with a confused look on his face. Akihiro managed to catch Osamu off guard. He knocked him down and punched him in the stomach. Osamu fell down to the ground in pain. He dropped his sword and turned on his side. “You really think you could defeat me? I am what you can only hope to be boy!” Just then Osamu eyes began to change into a sort of Yin Yang. Time froze at that moment. Osamu got up and looked around and saw that he had stopped time. He wasted no time as he grabbed his sword and stabbed Akihiro in the stomach and watched as he fell to his knees. “Yes talk now Akihiro. I can’t hear you!” Osamu said as he again stabbed him this time in his legs. Akihiro coughed up some blood and looked at Osamu and laughed. “You think this is over? My daughter will avenge me and she will kill you.” Akihiro laughed louder almost as if he was mocking Osamu.

A furious Osamu stabbed Akihiro repeatedly in his heart, lung, and chest area. Then Osamu decapitated him. Once finished Osamu looked at what he had done. He put his sword away and walked away slowly. Off in the distance there was girl standing at the entrance of the village. “Nice work. I am Aimi.” The girl said. “I was wondering if you would be interested in joining our little organization you would be a valuable asset to us.” Osamu contemplated on it for a while and came to a conclusion. “I will but I need to finish something first. I’ll be in touch with you.” Osamu said as he walked away. “Your eyes are a lot like his. He will see you soon and you will understand it all.” Aimi thought to herself as she vanished. Osamu picked up a map designating the next step in their plan was to head for the Hidden Rain Village.
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Fan Fiction by: Revantes
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