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 More Fan Fiction by: Revantes

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PostSubject: More Fan Fiction by: Revantes   More Fan Fiction by: Revantes Icon_minitimeFri Oct 08, 2010 2:21 pm

Chapter 2: Confrontation

Osamu wondered what happened. He knew that Akihiro should’ve killed him. He also thought about to himself “who was that Aimi girl and is she going to be a threat? No I sensed how strong she was. I need her as an ally, But at the same time work alone. I know what I’ll do.” Osamu pack some things and left for the Daichi. Osamu came across a merchant. The merchant tried to convince him to buy something. Osamu looked on and saw nothing of interest. That is until he saw the most beautiful sword. It had an amazing chrome finish with the finest steel anyone could find. Osamu reached for it but the merchant quickly covered it up. “No, my good friend that is not for sale. This is a legendary weapon.”

Osamu pulled out his sword and threatened the merchant. “I want that sword and I will have it. Now either you hand it over or I take it from your heart once I stab it through your chest.” The merchant laughed for a minute, “Foolish ignorant boy! Let’s make a deal. If you can wield it you can have it. There is also a little myth behind it to that I will reveal.” Osamu tried to lift it and could not. He thought back to when he fought Akihiro and how he froze time. He tried his best to get that power again. He put so much power into it that his eyes began to bleed. The merchant was silent and watched in awe. Osamu had frozen time again and this time he could move things around no matter the weight, size or volume. He was shocked that he could do that. He went straight for the sword and lifted it high above his head.

Just then time unfroze and the merchant saw Osamu wielding the sword. “I believe you owe me a story merchant.” Osamu said with a bit of cockiness. “Alright, that sword is known as the Heavens Disrupter. Reason why is because if it swung the echo can be heard deep within the Heaven's it was also used to end several wars. The sword itself can disrupt the heavens themselves and bring down powerful blades of wind that can cut through anything. It has also been known to cause irreversable damage to the sky.” Osamu looked at the weapon and put it on his back. He then waved to the merchant and wished him well. Osamu headed back on the road to Daichi.

On his way to Daichi, Osamu was stopped by a huge man. He was standing 6ft 8in and was dumb as a bag of bricks. Now with a victory over Akihiro and wielding the Heaven’s Disrupter Osamu has a high level of confidence. “Ok so who are you suppose to be?” Osamu asked while laughing. Just as he was laughing, the large man grabbed Osamu by the throat and began to squeeze. “My name is Kevin. I am the mightiest warrior ever to live. No one has defeated me yet and never will. ” Osamu reached for the first sword he had and stabbed Kevin with it. Osamu took a moment to breathe and said “Kevin?.......... That’s your name?............Out of all the names in the world you pick Kevin. Not Chain, Not Dice, Not even a simple X. Well Kevin here’s what going to happen, first I’m going to stab you, then I’m going to slice off your arm with this awesome blade I just got, and lastly I’m going to slice your fucking throat off and see if that can shut you up.” Kevin put his hands on the ground and lifted a large portion of it and threw it at Osamu. Osamu dodged it but was knocked down by Kevin.

Osamu stood up slowly and shook his head. “Ok that was unexpected.” Osamu ran and charged Kevin. Osamu and Kevin engaged in close range combat. Osamu managed to dodge Kevin punches and sliced his knee caps. “Ha! Now what are you going to do big man?” Osamu continued to mock him. Kevin quickly rushed Osamu and punched him in his stomach. Kevin then grabbed Osamu by his throat and held him in the air while repeatedly punched Osamu in the stomach. At that moment Kevin pulled his fist back far as he could and punched Osamu one last time sending Osamu flying high into the air. “What the hell?” Osamu said as he went higher into the air. “Ok….this dude is clearly going to be a problem.” Osamu released the Heavens Disrupter and swung it at the sky. The force from it catapulted Osamu back to the ground at dangerously high speeds. Osamu put the sword in his hands and gripped it tightly and began to spin around and then Osamu threw the sword at Kevin. The speed of the sword exceeded 400 mph and caused a brief separation of the earth and the sky. The sword had created a huge crater in the ground. It was about 6 miles in diameter and about 4 miles deep. Once Osamu fell back to the ground he could barely move. He crawled over to see what had become of Kevin. All that was left were brain fragments, a shredded kidney, a broken skull, and a couple of body parts. “Awl I didn’t get to slice his throat.” Osamu turned over and looked up at the sky and smiled as he slowly closed his eyes
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More Fan Fiction by: Revantes
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