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 Continuing on Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Continuing on Chapter 3   Continuing on Chapter 3 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 2:30 pm

Chapter 3: Recognition

Osamu slowly opened his eyes and saw he was in a strange place. He looked over to his left and saw someone looking directly in his eyes. “Uh, hi?” Osamu said with a bit confuse look on his face. “Oh sorry, you just look so handsome. My name is Blue Beauty but you can call me Blue, or Beauty.” Osamu gazed upon her beauty in awe. She had the most beautiful blue eyes that looked like oceans in them. Her hair was long and a lighter shade of blue than her eyes. “Whoa! My name is Osamu. I’m trying to get to Daichi.” Osamu stood up and looked around. “Well lucky for you you’re in Daichi. Hey what clan are you from?” Beauty asked as she continues to look at Osamu. He had a confused look on his face as he put his hand on his head and shook his head. “Clan? What exactly do you mean by clan?” Beauty eyes widened as she smiled and jumped around. “Wow you don’t know?” With excitement on her face she jumped up and down while clapping her hands. “Ok it goes like this. Everyone is either part of a clan or is decedents of a clan. Although there are many clans out there, now there are 5 main clans. The Ai clan is known for shaping the earth and mountains. The Asuka clan. They are known for luring their victims to their deaths with beautiful scents, also shaping the various grass and plants of the world. The Hitomi clan who are a dangerous group. They can affect the part of the brain that tells you what’s real and what isn’t. They can make illusions reality and vice versa. Also they have the ability to control water and the volume of it. Then there is the Kasumi clan. Real ninja like people. They hide and can blend in with any surroundings. They are usually very skilled spies and are used to gather information or kill a target who knows too much information. Nothing else is known about them. Then there’s the Nana. Stay away from them. They are like the rulers Gods if you will. No one has survived an encounter with them. Everyone worships them. They are the rulers of Daichi.”

Beauty handed Osamu some tea and insisted that he drink it. As Osamu sip the tea he asked Beauty “So what clan do you belong to?” Beauty smiled and a little and blushed. “I thought you’d never ask. My clan is deceased and there are three of us left. My clan was the Mizuki. We can control gravity.” Osamu dropped his cup. “No f-ing way! That would mean you are a threat to all of the clans. That’s why your name is Beauty you changed because you didn’t want to draw attention to your self. Ok. So you want to come with me? I’m looking for a girl named Aimi.” Beauty smile changed into a frown. Beauty turned her back and folded her arms. “She belongs to a group named Minori. They are well known and dangerous. If you’re looking for her she’s on a date with Zen.” Osamu grabbed Beauty by her arm and went to find Aimi. “Why do you care about her?” Beauty asked with a hint of jealously. “Because she asked me to join her group after she saw me kill Akihiro, which means she knows more then she says she does.” Osamu and Beauty arrived at the park and saw Aimi and Zen about to kiss. “Ugh. Oh God. Now you’re kissing mutts? Awe man that’s low.” Zen stood up and growled at Osamu. “Look I don’t know who you are but I suggest you leave.” Zen eyes started to glow a golden color. “Wow eye tricks. I’m really scared now.” Osamu released the Heaven’s Disrupter. Aimi recognized the weapon and quickly appeared in front of Osamu. “Do you realize what that is?” Osamu looked at Aimi. “Uh yeah.” Aimi smiled. “Ok smart ass do you know what it does every time you use it?” Osamu was stuck and couldn’t speak. “It destroys the skies and disrupts time and space.” Osamu looked sad for a moment. “So I knew that.”

Zen being angry that Aimi knew Osamu attacked Osamu. He managed to scratch Osamu on his arm. “O because you look like a mutt you have to fight like one too? How clichéd is that.” Osamu used some of chi and created two shards of glass on each of his wrist. He then charged Zen and began to swing at him. Osamu movements were too fast for Zen to track. Because of that Zen was cut badly. There were gashes, and deep cuts all over Zen. Osamu walked over to Zen as he fell to the ground. “Time for you to get put down mutt.” Osamu pulled his arm back and with all his might pushed forward. Zen used his hand to block it. The blade went through his hand and Zen used his other hand to try and claw Osamu’s face off. Osamu blocked it and began to push harder making his blade go further and further through Zen’s hand. Aimi stepped in and stopped Osamu. “What will killing Zen do?” Osamu looked at Aimi and smiled. He saw a hint of remorse in her eyes. “You’re confused aren’t you? You want to be a ruthless killer like your father but you don’t have the heart.” Aimi looked confused and scratched her head. “How do you know my father?” Osamu got up and removed the large shard of glass from Zen’s hand. He smiled again as he held Beauty close to him. “That’s a story for another day. All I need you to do is tell me how to get to the leader of Minori. I know he sent you to get me and I want to know why. So please lead the way. Also if you know anything else at all it would help out a lot.”
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Continuing on Chapter 3
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