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 Kingdom hearts 3(MAJOR SPOILERS AT BEGINNING!!!!!!)

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PostSubject: Kingdom hearts 3(MAJOR SPOILERS AT BEGINNING!!!!!!)   Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:06 pm

Character bios.(Spoilers)

Sora-The main protaginest.Wielder of the keyblade, he embarked on many adventures with his friends. He is litteraly at the center of the story. Everything links back to him...

Kairi-Sora's crush/girlfriend/friend, she can wield a keyblade due to having touched one before.She is not the usual damsel in destress kind.

Riku-Sora's childhood friend and rival. He wields both light and darkness with his keyblade. He had scumbed to the darkness and searches for power.

King Mickey-The King of disneyland. He is a keyblade wielder and has seen many adventures with many people.

More to come as we meet them....

Chapter 1-Destiny Islands

Sora had decided what to do with the message the king sent him. There was danger coming and people connected to him he needed to help."Sora."he heard someone say. He turned around to see Riku, walking towards him."Your minds made up?" Riku asked."Yeah."Sora replied. He turned to see Kairi coming, too."Kairi, I-"Sora started and then paused."There are people who need me. I have to help."Sora finished.Kairi gave him his good luck charm, a wayfinder."Be safe."She said. As she said that, a patch of light came down between them.The shape inside was king mickey!"Sora, Riku.Come with me. It is time for youre mark of mastery exam" The king said.
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Kingdom hearts 3(MAJOR SPOILERS AT BEGINNING!!!!!!)
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