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PostSubject: Noel=Vermillion   Noel=Vermillion Icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 9:22 am

Noel=Vermillion Noel

    alias Eye of the Azure


    Homunculus = artificially made human

    5 Years;
    appearance makes her look older

    In the beginning she used to work for the bad side, which is the NOL. (Novus Orbis Librarium)
    But with the progress of certain events she turned her back currently rebels against them.

Fighting Style:
    Noel=Vermillion uses the Nox Nyctores called "Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk"
    Bolverk is/are two white slim pistols, mainly used for gunkata.
    Gunkata is the fighting style Noel uses to fight against her enemies.
    It involves the use of two pistols partly as melee weapons; where she whacks the enemies with her guns.
    Guns are thought as ranged weapons but the gun-kata fighting style combines melee and ranged use
    of dual-wield guns.
    Her guns can transform into a Vulcan, Missle Launcher and Bazooka.

    BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2


    Gunkata; Internet Shopping; Cute Stuff; Familiy

    Bugs; especially those with lots of legs


    Noel was born on December 25, 2194, by Sector Seven as "dimensional boundary contact medium No. 12". She was rescued at the burning fields of Ikaruga and adopted by the Vermillion family, specifically by Edgar and Claire Vermillion.

    The Vermillion family was once a noble one, but the head of the family, Edgar Vermillion originally hadn't an heir before he adopted Noel and after heavily criticizing the NOL, the Vermillions lost their aristocratic rights and their family was sentenced to relegation from the NOL.

    During her life in the Vermillion household, Noel obtained her Nox Nyctores Bolverk, after she was attacked by a monster in a forest. A few years after her adoption, she found out about the upcoming banishment of the Vermillion household from the NOL and afraid of the Vermillions' future, she decided to take the entrance exam for the Military Academy in Torifune. And even though her physical and academical level wasn't very high, her synchronization rates with the armagus were the highest recorded ever, allowing her to pass the exam and enter the Academy.

    In the Military Academy she became friends with Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, and Carl Clover. Jin Kisaragi, however, treated her like dirt, purely because she shared the same face as his sister.

    Six months before her graduation and shortly after Jin's promotion to a major and commander of the 4th division, Noel was given an offer to immediately join the army as a lieutenant in the 4th division of the Praetorian Guard. She should officially only be Jin's secretary, but in reality she would actually be a special solo soldier tasked mainly with intelligence and assasination. In return, the Vermillions' reputation and rights would be restored. Noel accepted the offer for the sake of her family.

    Afterwards, she was assigned as Jin's direct subordinate, though he still treated her just as poorly, if not worse. When Jin left his post to chase after Ragna the Bloodedge, Noel was assigned a mission to bring back Jin to his post, with explicit instructions not to engage Ragna, should she encounter him.

    Noel doesn't remember her past. She is actually Mu-12, the previous replica before Nu-13. They both share the same voice, face, and memories of Jin's sister, Saya. Since she was the only survivor of the burning field of Ikaruga, she is the "eye", the true possesser of the Azure.

    In the true ending, Noel saved Ragna from being taken by Nu who wanted to fuse with him. After the incident, she and Jin are targeted for assassination by the NOL.

    After the incident at the NOL branch Noel travels with Ragna for a bit, though he later demands that she leave, upsetting her. She runs into Makoto shortly after and tells her everything that happened. Makoto relays that she's suspicious of Hazama, saying she doesn't know what he's thinking. They part ways and Noel sees a severely wounded Carl who she tries to help but is interrupted by Bang who, once again, jumps to the wrong conclusion with it. After calming him down, Noel asks Bang to look after Carl as she has more important things to attend to.

    Noel meets up with Tager and manages to defend herself, fleeing in the process from him. However, she then runs into Relius Clover who attempts to capture her, though Rachel intervenes before Relius can order Ignis to attack. She's cared for by Jubei momentarily who manages to console her frantic mind. Noel, her head finally clear, goes to the NOL and runs into her friend Tsubaki who was ordered to kill her. After the fight the two friends decide to leave each other be for the moment, neither having the heart to fight each other let alone kill one another.

    She finally meets with Hazama who tells Noel her true origins and what she is, calling her a puppet and inhuman to which her emotions run wild, causing Bolverk to go haywire and let Hazama smelt her in the cauldron. She descends as Mu-12, full of hate for the world and is ordered by Hazama to destroy the Master Unit Amaterasu. She manages to fight off both Hakumen and Jin before Ragna arrives and breaks her free of her current mindset by waking her consciousness, though in the process Ragna's left arm is destroyed.

    In the wake of the battle Noel, at last, learns that Jin and Ragna are brothers and that their sister is the Imperator of the NOL who is the boss of Hazama and Relius Clover as well as an apparently brainwashed Tsubaki. She leaves Kagutsuchi with Tager and Makoto. Jubei saying he's managed to hide her parents in a safe location and that they told her to fight the NOL.
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PostSubject: Re: Noel=Vermillion   Noel=Vermillion Icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 4:41 pm

Woah...sorry for not being on for so long...but this looks good. Approved!
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