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 Noel=Vermillion - Chain Revolver

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PostSubject: Noel=Vermillion - Chain Revolver   Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:07 am

Chain Revolver


    Chain Revolver

    Physical; Magical; Buff

    Noel either strikes the foe with a physical close combat gunshot,
    a magical pillar of flames while she backsteps,
    by physicaly kicking the foe by the legs. making the foe fall,
    by jumping over the foe while dealing magical damage by shooting at him,
    by jumping in the air and shooting two downward magical shots,
    by landing next to the foe dealing a physical gun strike after a jump;
    Then she automaticaly activates the buff after having performed one of those moves.

    4 Turns (excluding the first strike)
    Chain Revolver's effect cannot be stacked.
    Chain Revolver can only be used again after the buff effect has ended.

    The first strike deals 10 Damage more than the Standard Attack.
    Then her further attacks get buffed with 5 more damage.

Skill Points:
    30 Skill Points

    5D / 6D / 4D / 2D / j.D / j.4D

    The proof that Noel possesses a high sync rate with the armagus lies withitn her Drive Attack "Chain Revolver".
    She is capable to swiftuly surpise the opponents with a chain of powerful attacks.
    As Noel combines Chain Revolver with her gunkata abilites, she builds up a contrast compared to her athletic records.
    If it's to stagger the opponent for further attacks or to pummel them and shoot them away,
    Chain Revolver deserves to be a Drive Attack under the control of Noel.

Only approval ready after Noel=Vermillion has been approved.
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Mega Man
Mega Man

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PostSubject: Re: Noel=Vermillion - Chain Revolver   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:45 pm

Once again at the Input stuff. Interesting. Approved!
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Noel=Vermillion - Chain Revolver
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