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 Primal Serenade

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PostSubject: Primal Serenade   Primal Serenade Icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2011 1:07 pm

Primal Serenade

Episode 1, Chapter 1

Introduction to Chaos

In the world of Sol, there are two types of humans. The ordinary human and the Genes.
Scientists have experimented with combining animals with humans which kept looping into utter failure.
Until one day, a professor named Prof. Gene thought of planting some animal DNA into humans.
It did not drasticaly derange the appearance of the human, but if it wills so, it can release it's inner animal.
Prof. Gene, fascinated by this, planned to make a new species of humans, and named them after his own name.
The appearance of the Genes stay the same, just if they want to, they can release their animal self, turning into an animal.
Breeding have also created fantasy like Genes. Some are a dragon and maybe a basilisk.
But peace couldn't last forever as Genes think the same as ordinary humans. They're capable of the same actions the human is aswell...
Stealing, Murder and Robbery.

The effectiveness these cruel actions are able to be performed are at high records.
Genes can be rendered deadly and so the war between the humans and Genes have started.
Since the Gene race isn't as populative as the ordinary race, they were defeated and the humans reigned over the world again.
Genes were treated cruely... and highly racist. They got tortured and often used for slavery.
But.. a small group of Genes aren't going to let it stay like that and decide to rebel against this racistic terror.
A small group called... Primal Serenade.

It's the year 2024. The year where the war ended badly for the Genes. The piercing screams and shrieks from some unlucky Genes scream through the alleys of Taiyoo, an industrial city full of scyskrapers.
A young Gene named Ruka was walking along the rooftops, gazing upon the orange tinted sky.
Even though the sky has lost it's color for a short while, Ruka misses the blue sky already.
Sitting down on a ledge and gazing into the nothings of the city, he thought of how things could go different.
How things wouldn't render into the current situation Sol is stuck in.
He thought why people would ever think of stealing or killing. They could get a job and talk it out but he was still too young to understand.

"Hey! You're a Gene!"

Hearing the strong voice from behind, he turns around just to see thee Taiyoo patrol, the patrol who would capture or kill Genes if they were given the permission.
Not hesitating or attempting to negotiate, Ruka jumped off the building.
With the wind brushing past his face and gravity dragging him down to the ground, Ruka always felt free doing that.
But these moments don't last long enough to really enjoy.
Before being able to create a bloody mess, Ruke grabs a pole and somersaults into a window, shattering it as he landed in the appartement.

"Pff... where am I?, Ruka whispered to himself.

Hir surroundings didn't seem to be trashed so he could agree to the fact that ordinary humans live here... but there was a different vibe to it.
Ruka started to inspect the location. Comfy tiger patterned seats, tall lava lamps and a kitchen full of everything.
He then heard a crack behind him.
Not wanting to risk a fatal injury from the back from an ordinary human, Ruka turned around, attempting to kick the person with the momentum.
But his leg got caught in the hands of the taller person.

"You shouldn't be so hasty when you come to conclusions now... who rose you? Lynxes?"

It was obvious as to who that person was. It was Ruka's childhood friend Vlad.
Since Ruka grew up with Genes who were half Lynx, he really didn't take it as an offence.
He took it more as a joke. As Vlad let go of his leg, he saw the damage done to the window.

"You naughty little cat... you did this didn't you?"

"Well I was running away from the Taiyoo Patrol so..."

Ruka twiddled around with his thumbs. But as he mentioned Taiyoo Patrol, he heard a sigh of relief exhale out of Vlad.

"Well, if you're running from the patrol, you can break anything! Except for the lava lamp of course.", Vlad said laughingly.

Vlad threw his arm around Ruka's shoulders and grinned at him with a tint of innocence and sarcasm.


"I'm listening."

"I want to end the war now..."

"You know we can't just rush into Taiyoo HQ and say Hello! We're here to murder you! We have to recruit more capable and surviving Genes to support us... we need... an army ourself."

Ruka was kinda disappointed at that answer since it is the cruel truth. Before more worde could be traded with eachother, a heavy knock came upon the door.

"Hello? It's the Taiyoo Patrol! I know there's a Gene in there so open up!"

End of Episode 1, Chapter 1

Introduction to Chaos
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Primal Serenade
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