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 Chaos Emeralds Treasure Hunt!

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PostSubject: Chaos Emeralds Treasure Hunt!   Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:02 am

Through Emerald Town, a girl traversed through the streets.
She was on patrol by command of her Major.
Suddenly a siren screamed through the streets.
Looking to her right, she sees a strange robot dashing by as a police car chased it.
With the current the two vehicles had clawed with them, a note fluttered through the air
and landed in front of Noel's feet. Picking it up, she reads it's content:

Dear citizen of Emerald Town,
would you like to have everything
you ever wanted to have?
Then go out on a hunt for the
seven Chaos Emeralds!
The first to bring them all
to this adress will be granted
an unlimited amount of wishes!

DeathEggAvenue 1337.

I wish to see many contestants at my door.
Or rather one.
Good luck to you all!

Written by,
Edward Gullen Gman

With her eyes lightening up with flames, she couldn't say no to that offer.
Sticking the paper into her pocket, she started to jog a bit
instead of run... in search for the Chaos Emeralds.
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Chaos Emeralds Treasure Hunt!
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