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 Crash Bomb

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Mega Man
Mega Man

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PostSubject: Crash Bomb   Crash Bomb Icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2012 5:31 pm

Name: Mega Man

Name of Skill/Ability: Crash Bomb

What does it do: It latches onto an object, whether it be a cracked wall or an opponent, and detonates after a little (for an opponent, a turn).

How much Skill Points: 20 unitss.

How much Damage: 60

History: Mega Man and Dave have now struck down six of the robot masters, with most of them assisted by Mario, and have tracked Crash Man down to Rouge Port. There, they met up with Fawful and went into the Thousand Year Door. Fawful was chasing down Grodus, and Mega Man and Dave, Crash Man. They met one of the only followers of the Shadow Queen remaining. Though not revealing his name, he assisted the trio of Mega Man, Dave and Fawful. His assistance was soon taken out of the picture, as they met their strongest foes: the DD Girls. Where they originated from was unknown, and the only hint they had was they followed under a different leader previously, Queen Beryl. Dr. Wily hired them to eliminate Mega Man and Dave. The first DD Girl was forced to run with trouble, while the second one had logic and chose not to fight if they met again, and restored the once again trio. When the third DD Girl ran, the trio went to the fourth, the former assistant recovered, and a mysterious man who went by the name K appeared to try and help. They met the fourth DD Girl, and she was by far the most powerful, actually taking out Mega Man before finally retreated. They went down the final corridor, and saw Crash Man, defeated. Mega Man questioned who could've taken him out, and copied his weapon. They have no idea who is up ahead.
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Crash Bomb
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