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 DD Combo

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Mega Man
Mega Man

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PostSubject: DD Combo   DD Combo Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 1:32 am

Name: Dave

Name of Skill/Ability: DD Combo

What does it do: Dave uses abilities from one of the five DD Girls fought underground in the Thousand Year Door. This attack does more damage the more often it is used in succession.

How much Skill Points: 10 Units per use.

How much Damage: First hit=30 damage. Second hit=50 damage/30+20HP healing. Third hit=70 damage/one turn blind status (hitting a teammate/self). Fourth hit=90 damage/45 damage+two turn burn (5HP lost per turn, damage halved) or two turn paralyzed (can only attack once every two turns). Fifth hit=120 damage+20 damage recoil/100 damage+50HP healing.

History: Crash Man was found, defeated in a hallway past the room of many doors. The group would soon meet up with an frustratingly difficult battle. They met back up with the DD Girls for a rematch. Though one decided not to participate, four DD Girls would prove to be more than enough for the heroes, as they quickly fell in battle, Dave being one of the first. Dave was lucky enough to scan data from each and every DD Girl before getting destroyed. A mysterious ability was pulled from the absent DD Girl, healing the party to defeat the opposing end of fierce opponents. With a move that could only be described as lucky, the group was also able to obtain the data chip which possessed the DD Girls' abilities. After the grueling battle, Dave is slowly getting repaired by Dr. Light. But when he recovers, this new ability will prove to be useful.

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DD Combo
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