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 Air Shooter

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Mega Man
Mega Man

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PostSubject: Air Shooter   Air Shooter Icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2012 6:12 pm

Name: Mega Man

Name of Skill/Ability: Air Shooter

What does it do: It shoots three tornadoes that pierce defenses and safeties of any kind.

How much Skill Points: 15 units.

How much Damage: Standard Attack/2

History: Mega Man and a newly acquired teammate, a DD Girl, who was a former ally, went up to the Sky Zone to locate Air Man. They shortly met up with Fawful, K and Tsumetai from under Rouge Port, and also someone who wasn't seen for quite some time, Sora. After little to no resistance, they found Air Man. Air Man didn't hold back any power, taking out half of the team with no problem. This also meant the newly acquired teammate didn't last very long, despite having much power after drinking the Moon Cup, which enhanced her abilities greatly. After much endurance, however, the group had finally dealt with Air Man. Mega Man now heads off to settle everything with Wily, once and for all.

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Air Shooter
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