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 I haaaave a Pokemon site

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PostSubject: I haaaave a Pokemon site    Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:46 pm


One day, a boy named Pierce and a girl named Tesla went off on a journey through the Kansai Region. They got all the badges, and Tesla ended up becoming champion. Over their lives, they dominated leagues around the world, but found that the league was especially hard on younger trainers striving to be great.
With the money they earned from battling, they bought a newly discovered island, and strived to change that, by opening a battling school for young trainers. The Elementum Pokemon Battling Academy was born. Located on the recently populated Elementum Island, it is for trainers who specialize in a single Pokemon type, and want to exceed and become champions.
It is a tropical island, with white beaches, crystal water, and impressive rooms to stay in. Join a class depending on your type, and become the top trainer of the academy!

Click here to enter!

I doubt I will be staying on this site permanently, but there is a site my friend and I made if you would like to join. I want to make it an active medium sized RP, but I can't do it without some members. Thank you~

~Jay/Bass/Whatever you want to call me
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I haaaave a Pokemon site
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