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 Xalgon's Themes (Tell me what you think)

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PostSubject: Xalgon's Themes (Tell me what you think)   Thu Nov 01, 2012 1:02 am

Main Theme/Sad Theme - Organization XIII

Main Battle Theme 1 - Forze Del Male

Main Battle Theme 2/Harvester Angel Form Theme 1 - Forze Dell Oscurita

Main Battle Theme 3/Powerful Theme - The 13th Anthology (Gotta love Yoko Shimomura)

Powerful Theme 2 - Destati (Once again Yoko, you are awesome!)

Powerful Theme 3 - Destati (Original)

Just an epic theme - Fate of the Unknown

(Opinions are welcome)
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Xalgon's Themes (Tell me what you think)
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