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 Fire Style: Burning Wolf Brilliant Flame

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Marcus Nagi
Marcus Nagi

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PostSubject: Fire Style: Burning Wolf Brilliant Flame    Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:58 am

Name: K " Grave Toretto Fenix " Fenix

Name of Skill/Ability: Fire Style: Burning Wolf Brilliant Flame

What does it do: K generates fire on both of his hands and then joins them together, creating a unique, larger flame as a result. When such flame collides with the enemy, it creates a very massive and destructive explosion.

How much Chakra Points:10

How much Damage: 25 and 5 points of Burn damage.

History: K learned this attack under Osuma training. Osuma had K train with different ninjas and shinobi to fight with K but after the first training session Wesker Thought that he would be a better training partner to test K new abilities, as the fight began Wesker showed that he speed is everything but K attack became more and more aggressive which gave Wesker more of an challenge, Wesker then use his phantom dance to be K with his insane speed but Wesker speed couldn't out due K Sharingan which K can see every movement that Wesker made once he got in range K did some hand sigh and generated flames on both of his hands and collided them together at Wesker. As the flames hit each other creates a very massive and destructive explosion which burned Wesker and made him retreat from battle and Osuma stop the training session. After that K continue to train on his move to perfect it.
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Fire Style: Burning Wolf Brilliant Flame
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