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 Rush Adapter

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Mega Man

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PostSubject: Rush Adapter   Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:36 pm

Name: Mega Man

Name of Form: Rush Adapter


What does it do: It basically powers up Mega Man so he can fly and use more powerful attacks. He also takes half damage from attacks.

How much Units: 10 units per turn.

Special Abilities: Flight - Allows Mega Man to fly and avoid attacks for a turn. Can also carry someone else with him. Cost 5 units.
Rocket Fist - Mega Man shoots his fist, dealing double his standard attack. Has to charge for one turn. Cost 5 units.
Rush Disengage - Mega Man's own free will to split from Rush. Shoots sparks everywhere dealing triple his standard attack. Cost all remaining units.
Proto Shield - Mega Man takes out a shield given by Proto Man, reflecting any attacks that come to Mega Man. Cost 15 units.
Stun Shot - Mega Man shoots a bullet. Is cause because Mega Man didn't spend a turn charging. Deals half of Mega Man's standard attack but makes the enemy unable to move that turn. Cost 5 units.
Twirling Dash - Mega Man races at high speeds around the enemy, holding the enemy in place. Deals the damage of the standard attack and will damage the enemy for 5 damage per turn. Lasts for three turns. Cost 10 units.

History: Mega Man, due to mysterious dark clouds, went up to the sky and investigate the problem. In the sky was a tower, emitting dark energy from it. Mega Man soon met up with some of Wily's robots, and held a temporary alliance. Mega Man also met up with Fawful, Proto Man, K, Tsumetai and Xalgon. Though only Mega Man, Fawful and Proto Man destroyed the dark generator, the others helped them get to the top. Once the generator was destroyed, so was the tower. However, one mystery remained. Where did everyone in the tower vanish off to?

Mega Man and Proto Man found out that they were in a...field? As they defeated more enemies, their surroundings changed to a land of giant instruments. This is where they ran into Fawful. After defeating more enemies, they were transported to a mountainous area. After just one fight there, Mega Man received a message from Dr. Light, informing that the Rush Adapter was completed, and was able to be transported to them now. The group now seemed more prepared than ever for upcoming fights.
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Rush Adapter
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