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PostSubject: Koriko   Koriko Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2008 9:04 pm


Hey! Here is Chapters 1-4 of Koriko!

~Chapter 1: Toiomota Festival~

Every year in Toiomota Japan, we have a festival called The Koriko Festival in honor of the the great ancestor Koriko Hasune. My name is Mino Hisage, and I am one of the royal guards for the Hasune family. I am the personal guard for Tsaku Hasune, the youngest Emporer at 18 years of age. During the festival, Tsaku is required to ride on the Ancestreal Float. We go on a route all through Toiomota. However; this year, something happened. We were about halfway through the route and Tsaku was of course bored of waving to the crowd. He turned to me and let out a deep sigh. "Are we almost done Mino?" He asked impatiently. I starred straight forward. "We are about halfway through Lord Tsaku. Please hold on a little longer..." I felt a little degraded...I at the age of 30, had to protect an emporer at the age of 18. I heard something running quickley by and I placed a hand on the hilt of my sword. I looked around and I heard a rush of screams from the crowd and and Tsaku yelling. "Hey! What are you doing?! Let me go!!" I pulled out my sword but before I could find the enemy, he was gone. A bright light shone from the sky and a ghostly figure came and landed on the float. The figure became solid, more...human-like. "Hello, I am Koriko Hasune...I am back because a balance has been upset in the Hasune family. She looked at me. "Come, the person who took Tsaku was a Hevonarien from Hevonary." She walked towards the Mekail Forest. "How did she come back...? Oh well, I guess I'd better go to Hevonary with her..." I jumped off the float and started to head towards Mekail Forest.

~Chapter 2: The Ocarina~

After the incident in Toiomota, Koriko and I started to head towards Mekail Forest. Koriko turned to me with her hands behind her back. "I have a surprise for you!" She said as she pulled a little velvet black bag with a green music note on it. "Go ahead! Open it!" I took the bag and untied the strings that were holding it closed, and pulled out a blue ocarina. "What's this for Koriko?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face. "It's a magic ocarina that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family, but without Tsaku, that balance has been interupted, you may now use it!" We continued walking and we came across Mekail Forest. Once we were deep enough into the forest we came across a larg ropebridge dangling over a cliff at least 1 or 2 miles down. "That bridge looks awfully wobbly Mino..." she said worried. "You said this ocarina is Magic right? And we want to get to Hevonary as soon as possible right?" Koriko nodded. "Yes and yes!" I pulled out my ocarina and started blowing. A song I've never even heard before started playing and the world around us started to disappear. Koriko closed her eyes and started to sway back and forth. The city of Hevonary built up around us. "Um....what just happened?" "Oh, just come on!" She pulled on my hand as we started to run through Hevonary.

~Chapter 3: Meeting of Ancestors~

As we ran through Hevonary, people began to fade out. Koriko clinged to my arm as we heard a voice. "Come Koriko..." Four ghostly figures appeared around us and I placed a hand on the hilt of my sword. Koriko stopped me from pulling it out. "They are the ancestors of Hevonary..." The four figures circled around us and started to circle faster and faster. Then, out of nowhere, we were in a large courtyard with 10 pillars, the four and six others ancestors perched on top of each. "All ten of Hevonary's ancestors..." Koriko said as she walked towards the tallest pillar. "Koriko, as you know, the annual Meeting of Ancestors is next week, and it is going to be held in Toiomota..." The eldest ancestor said looking down at us. Koriko nodded. "I know...but something happened..." The eldist raised his eyebrow. "The Toiomota emperor, Tsaku Hasune, has been kidnapped..." All the ancestors gasped. "K-kidnapped?! By whom?!" The eldist shouted. "A Hevonarien. We beleive we saw him heading towards the center of town." All except the eldest ancestor disappeared. "Find Tsaku, when you do, play this song on the ocarina..." An old, mideval type song started to play. "Ok, I will..." I said. The ancestor raised his hand and with a single snap, we were back in Hevonary. I heard Tsaku yell and ran towards the sound. When we got there, we saw an elven figure with long pointy ears walking into a portal to Hemenikael Village. "That's Hemenikael Village, the ocarina's song can't reach it..." We both started to think.

~Chapter 4: An Old Friend~

We stood thinking of a way to get to Hemenikael Village when we heard a voice from the sky. "You guys need some help?" A giant hawk flew down and landed next to us and a man in a white cloak with his hood over his eyes jumped off of it's back. I pulled my sword out and got ready to fight. The man chuckled a little. "He really doesn't remember..." The man thought. He opened his hand and a sword fell from his sleeve and he grabbed the hilt. "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!" I ran towards him and swung my sword. I realized that I had swung into nothing. "Where am I?" The hooded man said. I turned around and his sword was about a few inches from my nose. The man turned and threw a sword at Koriko. "AH!!!" I jumped in front of the sword as it went through my left arm. I grabbed the sword and started to pull, grunting a little each tug. When I got it out, I threw the sword at the hooded man and he grabbed it, completely unharmed. "I-I thought he would catch it, not take it!" The man pointed his hand at me and it glew a green color. I looked at my wound as it started to glow green. In an instant, I was comlpetely healed. "Necromancy..." The man said as he pulled off his hood. "It's a powerful thing..." I squinted my eyes at him. " can't be...Cinoran?" He smiled for that seemed to be his name. He walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. "It's been a long time Mino..."
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