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 The Trials of the Triforce

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Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda

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PostSubject: The Trials of the Triforce   The Trials of the Triforce Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 10:08 pm

Chapter 1
Bang! Zelda glanced over her shoulder to see what happened. She saw a hyrulian screaming for help. I have to rely on Link she thought, I can't save him myself. Link's at Gannondorf's castle today. What shall I do? The hyrulian was about to get eaten. Without thinking Zelda pulled out her bow and one arrow. Her arrow glistened in the sun light. She jumped in front of the putrid monster that was about to eat the hyrulian. She put the arrow against the bow and she pulled back with all of her might. It shot the monster in the middle of his forehead and the arrow penetrated through his brain to the other side of his head. The monster laid down dead and decomposed instantly. "Thank you princess," the hyrulian said.
Zelda realized she had just as much power as Link. She could kill her foes with ease. Maybe I should start saving people after all, she thought. Someone crept up behind Zelda and made a faint screech. She thought nothing of it and kept walking along. The second time she heard the screech it was violent, and chaotic. Zelda swiftly turned around with a bow and a arrow in her hands. "You messed with the wrong person," she bolted.
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The Trials of the Triforce
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