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 Form Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Form Rules and Template   Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:26 am

Nothing that makes you invincible or that restores you to max anything it can gradually restore something over time though.

Only one form per person but for every 100 posts you can make one more



Name of Form:


What does it do:

How much Skill Points:

Special Attacks:


Here is a more detailed version to help you make your forms.

Name: (Write your characters name)

Name of Form: (Write the name of your form)
[Flame Form]

Apperance: (Write how your form looks or you can just put a picture here.)
[Steve's sword has flames around it, and Steve's hair has a little bit of red in it.]

What does it do: (Here you write what the forms basic attacks, special attacks, strength bonuses, defense bonuses, element strengths/weaknesses, and whatever else you would want to add. )
[Steve's sword does 20 damage insted of 10, Special Attack: Flame Slash. Steve swings his sword so fast that a wave of Fire goes at 2 enemies. 15 damage, 20 Skill Points. All Fire damage does half, and all water damage does double.]

How much Skill Points: (Here you write how much Skill Points it costs to maintain your form each turn. This section really depends on how good you made your form in the "What does it do" Section of the Template.
[10 Skill Points per turn.]

History: (Here you write how you got your form, what your form has done, and what you plan to do with your form in the future. Also, try to make at least two lines of history. Thank You! )
[One day, Steve was traveling and he saw a Charizard on a mountain. Steve thought it would make some good training, so he went up to Charizard. The Charizard didn't like what he was trying to do, and shot him with a Fire Blast. When Steve got out of the flames he relized that he was on fire. He started to roll around on the ground to try and put out the flames, but when he stopped rolling on the ground he relized that the flames weren't hurting him, and his sword was on fire. He went to a lake to try and put out the fire on his sword, but when he got there, he looked at himself in the lake like a mirror, and saw that his hair had red streaks in it. Ever since then, Steve has learned to control this form and used it to his advantage in many fights.]

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Form Rules and Template
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