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 Falco's Nintendo Quest

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PostSubject: Falco's Nintendo Quest   Falco's Nintendo Quest Icon_minitimeSun Jun 22, 2008 9:41 pm

Hope you like it







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Chapter 1 The Epic (yes epic) Space Battle

"Fox,can you hear me?" Falco said into his radio. "I can hear you fine,what is it?" Fox Answered back."Wolf is back on the radar" Falco said excitedly."All right I need to finish that guy once and for all!" Fox said through the radio. Then suddently a beam shot through the blackness of space,inches from Foxes wing."Whewf!that was close! Fox said both happy and nervous."Next time i might not be that lucky!" "Me too!" Falco said. Starwolf was near. They were both in their arwings looking for the leader of Starwolf,Wolf,and take him down. Suddently, two X-wings appeared,with two members of Starwolf in them. "You get one,I'll get the other." Falco said into his radio. Then he shot 5 lasers straight at his X-wing.It dodged all of them except one,wich still let him fly. but Falco then shot a torpedo at the X-wing and it was down. Fox also damolished his X-wing. Why i am imprest A voice said into Falco and Foxes radio's. Why,don't you remember me,I'm Wolf,HAHAHA "You need to work on your evil laugh...." Falco radioed to him. "Come out here!" Fox yelled. "Fine i will" Wolf answered and an Arwing appeared. It was red with a little black. Suddently,a beam shot Falco's wing."AHHHH" Falco yelled. "Falco....FALCO" he heard the radio say. But the radio then disconnected and he continued falling........
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Falco's Nintendo Quest
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