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A Video Game based Roleplay site, where you Roleplay as a Canon Video Game Character, or your own Custom Character.
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PostSubject: Update   Tue Mar 04, 2014 8:42 pm

If anybody still goes on this site, I would like to propose some new ideas, and well as update you on my previous ones:

-Steam Group Idea: UNSUCCESSFUL (Current)

It is rather difficult to find members interested in such things. Another con is that I have to advertise the group for people to even notice it. Either way, most do not come.

-Regular Advertising SUCCESSFUL (Current)

Although sometimes hard, I have managed to get at least 1 member over here, and I plan on getting a few more through this incredibly simple way.

-Emailing The Old Members UNSUCCESSFUL (Past)

I have tried emailing Mario, but he has never responded.

I do have some new ideas though:

-Asking Friends From School Chance Of Working: Decent

Pretty self-explanatory, I will ask some of my friends from my school to help me get this site running again. They are not too much into such things, but hey, you never know.

-RP Groups Chance Of Working: Decent

If I join RP sites or groups, then ask the members about joining the site in private (so the site does not remove the link because of a no-advertising rule), I'm sure some will come.

-Ask Online Friends Chance Of Working: Decent

I know some online friends who would really like a site such as this, and I can ask them about joining.

Anyway, I shall see how this turns out, and continue trying to bring this site back to normal.

By the way: Happy 2014.
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